Im watchin a 5naf compilatiom some streamdude put up and he gets Got by the fox and hes like “WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS TOLD ME IF I DIDNT WATCH HIM WITH THE CAMERAS HED LEAVE ME ALONE”

omfg bruh

Im so sorry ur viewers are evIL INCARNATE

i rly want an eene tattoo someday but i dont think the style would translate well to skin and theres nothing like “small” i can think of from the show that’d work well enough (i dont rly want a jawbreaker or plank on me for the rest of forever lol) 

even though im not HUGE on how text tattoos look for myself maybe a line from the show or smthn. smthn meaningful or yknow i could just get GRAVY across my ass

jfc now I want Wendy’s why do you do this to me

AU where we have the time, drive, money and resources to find a 24h wendys 

man now i rly want fuckin wendys


In case you were wondering what inspired that training video from tonight’s Steven Universe

Mark told me I have chubby toes a few days ago and I got all flustered and yelled that I do not have tubby choes and he has been calling me Choes ever since. romance has died for us, please live on for me.


its ok i almost farted on gabes hand the other day in stop and shop the Mystery was kind of over before it began that’s the sacrifice of being friends ten years beforehand

corgabe replied to your post: oh i forgot the picture for “How do yo…




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tbh you don’t look that bad. you just look sleepy. c:


oh i forgot the picture for “How do you look” lmao


6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48. if they're weird I apologize I didn't read them

how do you look right now? 

if the person you like says they like someone else, what would you say? “it’s crowley isn’t it”

have you ever liked someone you didn’t expect to? iVE HAD A CRUSH ON GABE FOR YEARS AND YEARS NOW BUT IF YOU TOLD LIKE 12-YR OLD SAL “hey see that person u just talked with about bakura ur gonna date” THERE MAY HAVE BEEN SOME SURPRISE

what are you sitting on right now? A BED

does anyone hate you? OH DEFINITELY that’s kinda the way it works rite

is there anyone you can tell EVERYTHING to? pretty much all my closest friends (yall know who you are), although i really have Issues showing weakness or talking seriously about stuff, and my coping methods usually don’t involve MUCH one-on-one venting. IF THEY DID I HAVE PLENTY OF PEOPLE TO TALK TO, THOUGH, I AM INCREDIBLY BLESSED

is your life anything like it was two years ago? this time last year i had a job and good grades but was also really fuckin depressed; this year i have no job and i’ve become a really bad student despite my best efforts but also i have so many fulfilling relationships and love my BF and i’m getting places despite still sometimes being depressed SO YES AND NO IS THE TL;DR ANSWER I GUESS.

were you single over the last summer? uH FOR THE FIRST LIKE 47/58ths OF IT LMAO