so this is curtis lepore


recently he’s risen to fame on vine and is in a LOT of vines, esp with other vine stars like nash grier. he’s in some of the white girl vines. a lot of the vines that circulate tumblr star him.

he was charged with raping his ex-girlfriend late last year. the charges have since been dropped due to a plea deal—he pleaded guilty to felony assault instead. this means nothing in terms of whether or not he actually raped her and personally i’m inclined to believe any person who speaks out against their rapist. his commentary after the charges were dropped are enough to show what a total doucheass he is in general.

i know a lot of people don’t really care who generated the content they reblog but for those who do: this guy is pretty scummy and has been showing up on my dashboard a lot so just a heads up that he’s probably a rapist and at the very least a huge dickhead


watch this #important

the ygo movie soundtrack is so bad send help

ppl postin “shipping” of “gay” highschool teenagers with creepy pictures from across the room clearly taken w/out their permission

with hundreds of notes to boot

Bakura and marik going on a date and their date is just bakura doing #taxidermy. Hot

AU where bakura tries to crowdsurf

antiemetic said: 

someone fucks the millenium item like a sparkly fleshlight


Fun fact Yugi is also the same height as me. I used to have a mega crush on him back when I was like 4"10. But now I've grown past that.


(i used to have a crush on tristan so)

YGO au where all the millenium items are replaced by those jiggly plastic water tubes with the holes down the middle that are filled with glitter and sea creatures. AU where the millenium items are replaced by pretty much any novelty toy you want to insert in there

dROPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

one of them just flies off and hits someone right between the eyes in the middle of an important duel